Revista Trabajos de Investigación en Paradiplomacia TIP 10 AÑOS

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The Special 10 Years Edition of Paradiplomacy’s TIP magazine ( is dedicated to the reflection on the main developments in paradiplomacy, addressing topics such as competitive cooperation, governance as a key point for internationalisation, the issues of Euro-Latin-American agenda, cross-border cooperation, the issues of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, legal tools for the external action, strategies to respond the COVID-19 emergency and the importance of networks of cities.

This document is made up of two main sections. The first, contains a series of short notes written by relevant personalities for the exercise of paradiplomacy, including Octavi de la Varga, Metropolis Secretary General. The objective is to explain the phenomenon of decentralised cooperation in the last ten years.

The second section is made of academic texts written by authors who have already written in past editions of the TIP magazine. The aim is to expand and delve into the articles they have already written, as well as to give them the opportunity to work on a new article on the prospects of the paradiplomacy now and in the future.