Five metropolitan approaches to international action

Date of publication
Metropolitan Governance
Type of resources
Comparative study
This new publication in our series of comparative metropolitan studies aims to contribute to the analysis of the metropolitan impact of the international action of local governments, to promote the study and reflection of the leadership that is present within these spaces and the articulation of the actors that make them up.
We also present it as an instrument to enhance the strategies and actions developed by Metropolis members in their internationalisation process, based on the recognition of good practices and opportunities for improvement. The study covers the international action of five metropolitan areas where Metropolis members are active - Barcelona, Casablanca, Guangzhou, Medellin and Montréal. It recognises characteristic aspects of each that contribute to the attraction of resources and their projection as international metropolises, highlighting the development and prominence of the respective institutions that have promoted strategic and coordinated processes of internationalisation, as well as the growth of infrastructures understood as engines of development.
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