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Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment
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<p>Through the Policy Transfer Platform, cities and urban experts have an online tool at hand that provides information about case studies and enables exchange and technical assistance.</p>


The Policy Transfer Platform is a global learning and networking portal for urban practitioners, experts and researchers. It allows users to quickly find innovative case studies and experts and to contribute their own knowledge and projects in a structured and concise way with a focus on aspects that cities can adapt and/or learn from. In this working period we are aiming at building institutional partnerships with other databases and city awards and incorporating the “Circles of Sustainability” approach. Another goal is to further develop and promote the “No Regrets” Charter, which calls for instant measures for climate adaptations in urban areas based on the precautionary principle.

  • Support Metropolis to become a leading learning network
  • Make the manifold knowledge and experience that exists within the association available to all its members and partners
  • Expand and enhance the assistance, exchange and mutual learning activities of the network
Date Phase / action
July 2015 Extension and maintenance of the platform
July 2015

Inquiry of external expert advice for completion of contents of the activities of the Policy Transfer Initiative

July 2015 Dissemination and further development of the Charter
July 2015 Elaborating transfer criteria
July 2017 Delivery of Final Report with the results of the Initiative (final evaluation; learning  and transfer results)
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