Visit to Buenos Aires Microcentro to close the Annual Meeting

The 623 participants said farewell to the “Live the City” event with a tour of the main streets in the center of Buenos Aires, where the “Microcentro Plan” aims to implement urban planning to revitalize the area. Those interested could choose to do the visit on foot, ecobike or Metrobus along Avenida 9 de julio.

During the visit, participants witnessed the measures the government has put in place to reduce pollution and the emission of harmful gasses, including redirecting traffic, especially most of the bus lines, which now run along Avenida 9 de julio. They also saw how solid waste is being stored to reduce the visual impact as it builds up and avoid it being strewn all over the sidewalks. In short, the visit was proof positive that the Microcentro is becoming a new hub for culture, tourism and food in the city that is attractive to both those who live and work in the area and those just visiting.

The meeting was topped off with a closing ceremony at the emblematic Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires.