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Seven projects of Metropolis members among the finalists for the City to City Barcelona FAD Award 2016

The City to City Barcelona FAD Award highlights and rewards the urban initiatives that improve the quality of life of the citizens of the world. In this sixth edition an appeal has been made to initiatives that address the notion of learning in the city, understanding the public space as an essential element of our personal and collective training.

7 of the 28 finalists have been submitted by members of Metropolis:

The winner of the 2016 edition has been the project Recovery of La Balanza  Cultural District, of the city of Lima, an initiative of this marginal neighborhood on the periphery where more than a decade ago that an artistic movement appropriates creatively to the urban environment.

The jury has awarded two honorable mentions to Hamburg (Germany), with the draft FC Lampedusa Hamburg of integration of refugees through sport, and Christchurch (New Zealand), with the project Eyes on the City where he promotes the involvement of citizens in the processes of urban reform.

The awards ceremony, to which we will invite the winning cities, will take place in Barcelona at the end of November 2016. It is also scheduled for this year the opening of the annual exhibition of the City to City, where they will appear the 28 finalists, as well as the celebration of activities related to the theme of the prize.

Fostering Arts and Design (FAD) is a private association, independent and non-profit, which has the objective of promoting the design and architecture in the economic and cultural life of the country. Founded in the year 1903, FAD has become the first reference center of the design and architecture in Catalonia and Spain thanks to its constant task of promoting creative culture through exhibitions, professional workshops, awards and events.