Seoul Metropolitan Government keen to reorganize the MITI for the next 2018-2020 period Metropolis


One of the oldest and most active members of Metropolis, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) paid an official visit to our Secretariat General in Barcelona last Monday, March 27. The Director General of Administration at SMG (Mr Kim InCheol) and his delegation - Ms Seon and Ms Song from Human Resource Devlopment Division at SMG - met with the Executive Director of Metropolis, Octavi de la Varga as well as the Manager for the Asia portfolio, Agnès Bickart, and the responsible for Training and Capacity Building, Hélène Jourdan.

During the meeting, Mr. InCheol emphasized that they are looking for tools to collaborate better with Metropolis that’s why Seoul decided to host the Metropolis International Training Institute (MITI). He was particularly sensitive to our call to have more leadership from the Seoul Metropolitan Government towards the Metropolis Action Plan for the 2018-2020 period, the Metropolis priorities are being reshaped due to the realities of the SDGs 2030, the Climate Change Agenda and the New Urban Agenda developed at Habitat III.

The renewal of the Terms of References of the Metropolis Training Institute (MITI) for the next three years period was also one of the core themes of the meeting.

Mr Kim InCheol also demonstrated the commitment of the Seoul Metropolitan Government as member of the Metropolis Board of Directors, and its wish to actively participate in the next statutory meetings which are going to be held in Montréal on June 22, 2017.

Seoul has already secured its presence in the Hub of the Congress and will host a session in the framework of Montréal Congress “Global Challenges, Major Cities in Action” (19-22 June, 2017, Montréal). In addition, the presence of one of its top Senior City Manager will participate in our session on City Managers, to be held on 20th of June.  


For further follow-up on Metropolis Training, please contact Ms Hélène Jourdan  

For further follow-up on the Metropolis Asia Portfolio, please contact Ms Agnès Bickart