The REsolutions Africa / Marrakesh 2014 Conference | 11&12 December 2014

Marrakesh City Council, FMDV (Global Fund for Cities Development) and UCLG Africa (United Cities and Local Governments of Africa) have chosen to mobilize African local and regional authorities and their partners, to attend the Summit for the Financing of African cities, « Financing African Cities:Agenda, Alliances and Solutions » on December, 11th and 12th.

Organized for the first time in Morocco, hosted by Marrakech City Council, this exceptional thematic conference represents the unmissable gathering of both local and national policy-makers, and public opinion leaders from African economic and financial world

Join now the High Level Pan-African Participants to define operational financing solutions toward urban development!



How to mobilize endogenous resources in urban areas?
What are the prospects for local authorities’ direct access to financial markets?
Which role should the banking sector, international and bilateral donors play?
What kind of public-private partnerships are to be built?
How could we rely on innovative funding mechanisms at the local level?
African local governments and their networks: Mayors, CFOs, treasurers, urban development thematic networks;
National public authorities: Ministers of Finance, debt offices, central banks;

Financial institutions: stock exchanges, commercial banks, rating agencies;
International aid organizations: Regional institutions of development, multilateral and bilateral aid donors, development banks, philanthropic foundations; Private sector: property developers, businesses;
Institutional investors and fund managers: investment companies, pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign funds;
Academic institutions and civil society: researchers, professionals, think tanks and NGOs