The President of Metropolis pursues a dialogue on a new urban agenda to meet local and global challenges

Mr Denis Coderre, President of Metropolis and Mayor of Montréal, started yesterday a mission to Europe, and will be in the region until next Monday. On his seven-day mission, he will visit two European cities which are member of Metropolis, Berlin and Brussels, and also Stockholm, London (former Metropolis members), Dublin and Düsseldorf. During his mission, the President of Metropolis will meet mayors, elected and senior officials, and will address chambers of commerce audiences.

“Montréal plays a leadership role on the international stage, and we intend to work closely with the mayors in a context where cities are developing a new urban agenda aimed at meeting local and global challenges, from socio-economic development to climate change. As President of Metropolis, I am committed to promoting this new urban agenda and will encourage large cities to join the association,” said President Coderre.  Cities and metropolises have a vital role to play in meeting the most pressing challenges, including those related to innovation, sustainable development, climate change, migration, new technologies, integration and security.

The mission to Europe includes several objectives. Mr Denis Coderre intends to strengthen Montréal's institutional and political ties with the European cities he visits. Economic development is also at the heart of this mission, which will make it possible to build closer economic ties between Montréal and European cities. In addition, the President of Metropolis plans to foster greater cooperation between the cities on issues of Living Together, inclusion and the prevention of radicalization, in particular by travelling to Dublin to sign the International Observatory of Mayors on Living Together.