Metropolis will debate on Equitable Metropolises at the 7th edition of the World Urban Forum

The seventh session of the World Urban Forum (WUF-7), hosted by the city of Medellin in Colombia is taking place from next April 5 to 11, with the general title of “Urban Equity in Development - Cities for Life”, and Metropolis is actively participating in its discussions.

The theme “Cities for Life”, which is both aspirational and practical, nourishes the hope of a more equitable, socially inclusive urban world that can devise comprehensive safeguards for all. "Urban equity in development" is not just an ideal. It is a concept framework that guides decision-making to enhance lives in cities for all; a useful tool needed to redefine the urban policy agenda at local, national and regional levels. How these notions apply to existing or emerging Metropolises?

Within the overall multi-faceted programme of WUF-7, networking events are an important aspect of the Forum as they provide a platform for major urban actors, institutions and cities’ leaders,to showcase or present their latest innovations or best practices.

Metropolis, INTA and UN-Habitat invite these key actors to join our networking event session on “Equitable Metropolises: fixing spatial, social and economic inequalities though integrated governance, planning and development”.

The purpose of the session is to explore the relevance of responses in different metropolitan contexts, exchanging practices and providing useful references for more equitable metropolises.

The networking event will be held on the 9th April at 4.30pm, Yellow Pavilion, Room 5 in Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition Center of Medellin.

The session will be divided into two dialogues:

·  the first one aims to explore how metropolitan mechanisms can deliver more equity eitherbetween the municipalities composing the metropolitan system or between the inhabitants

·  the second one focuses on the metropolisation process of fast growing medium-size cities and how to articulate planning and development policies between different territorial scales


Find out more about the program and registration procedures at

Download here the Networking Events Program