METROPOLIS meets a delegation from the Department of Trade and Industry from the City of TIANJIN,China

A delegation of the Tianjin Commission of Commerce of the Foreign Investment Department, met at Casa Asia (Barcelona). METROPOLIS, as partner of Casa Asia, seized this opportunity to interact with the municipality of Tianjin. Two representatives of the permanent secretariat of METROPOLIS in Barcelona presented the organization and the international strategy of METROPOLIS to make the voice of large cities and their leaders heard, giving them more visibility on the international arena. METROPOLIS sought the assistance of the trade and industry department of the municipality of Tianjin to advocate before Mayor Huang Xingguo, Mayor of Tianjin, and have him contribute to the Voice of Mayors Publication which was launched by METROPOLIS in 2014 and already counts with the contribution of 25 Mayors of which 2 are prominent mayors from Guangzhou and Chengdu.  

METROPOLIS member since 2004, Tianjin is one of the 6 biggest cities in China, the largest northern port of China, and has 14 million permanent residents. It is a world class free trade zone with modern service industries and an active technological and financial hub for innovation.