Metropolis attends World Economic Forum’s Urban Development Roundtable in Delhi

As METROPOLIS member and non-member cities aspire to use urban innovation in future governance, planning and development, it’s important that global cities engage together in addressing the challenges and benefits of such urban innovation.

World Economic Forum (WEF) led a strategic dialogue among governments, city leaders, private sector organisations and institutions to address the innovation and future of urban development. The future of urban development and services roundtable was coordinated by WEF in Delhi on 16 June 2015 and the roundtable was attended by over 150 international and national delegates. The session was chaired by the Minister of Urban Development of India, Mr M Venkaiah Naidu, where he emphasised on International cooperation among global cities for sustainability and climate change issues. He further asked international institutions and private sector organisations to assist with planning and development towards 100 Smart Cities project in India by 2020. METROPOLIS emphasised on the values of city to city collaborations, international capacity building programs and developing urban policies where innovation is nurtured by ‘bottom up’ approach, where social factors are at the forefront of Smart Cities and Climate programs.

The WEF roundtable was attended by METROPOLIS and its partner, National Institute of Urban Affairs of India. METROPOLIS was represented by METROPOLIS Advisor Mr Sunil Dubey and NIUA was represented by Prof Jagan Shah.  METROPOLIS and NIUA met at bilateral meeting on 15 June 2015  to discuss the frameworks of ‘Innovation Clusters’, where custom training and capacity building programs would be delivered to city administrators and ULB officials. The programs would be based on applied research and proven technologies for efficiencies and would involve private sector organisations. A detailed report on the WEF Delhi roundtable would be issued during July 2015.

Download the report to read the summary of the discussions at the roundtable.

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