The Mayor of Madrid receives the new Secretary-General of Metropolis

Felipe Lamas/Alcaldía de Madrid

Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid, played host to the visit of Felip Roca, the newly appointed Secretary-General of Metropolis, in the city hall. Both of them shared a mutual interest in making one another’s acquaintance, following recent changes in leadership in both institutions. 

During the meeting, a broad range of different issues was addressed and means for closer cooperation were explored. Noteworthy issues include promoting networks for comprehensive cooperation, neighbourhood development as a driving force for the economy and employment, energy efficiency, metropolis development of the city, participatory democracy, fostering environmentally sustainable mobility and managing the city’s vacant spaces, among others. 

After the meeting, a number of specific commitments were undertaken to exchanging and providing information on some Metropolis activities and services as well as initiatives in the city of Barcelona.

The suggestions and proposals put forward by Madrid, as well as other member cities, have been very well received by Metropolis in this new phase, in which priority will be given to issues related to members’ specific demands, according to the strategic lines of action agreed by the association for the next three years.