Maty Mint Hamady elected President of the Urban Community of Nouakchott

The candidate of the UPR, Maty Mint Hamady, Minister of Public Service and Administration Modernization was elected on Tuesday as President of the Urban Community of Nouakchott.

The 37 municipal delegates, including 12 women, from nine moughataa (departments) from the capital took part in the vote. 25 delegates voted for and 12 against.
The new President of the Urban Community of Nouakchott (CUN) promised to work with everyone to change the face of the capital and to overcome the difficulties of its people, especially the most disadvantaged, youth and women.
Maty Mint Hamady who also claimed to be aware of the enormous challenges to face, is committed to support mosques, Koranic schools and cultural associations. She has even promised to pay particular attention to roads and markets.

Maty Mint Hamady will substitute Ahmed Ould Hamza at the Metropolis Board of Directors.

Source : noorinfo