Living Together Summit: 10 mayors of METROPOLIS adopt the Montreal Declaration

The mayors of participating cities and metropolises attending the Living Together Summit (10 of which are members of METROPOLIS), which took place in Montréal on June 10 and 11, 2015, unanimously signed the Montreal Declaration. This document sets out the general principles and commitments of “living together” in cities.  By adopting this founding text, the signatory mayors reaffirmed their commitment to promote “living together” in their respective communities, assume their responsibilities and share experiences and knowledge.


Creation of a Mayors' International Observatory on Living Together
The mayors have agreed to establish a Mayors' International Observatory on Living Together, to which cities will be invited to join on a voluntary basis. This observatory, a first for local governments, will work closely with universities and research centres in member cities on various issues of interest. It will also help members to document new challenges and innovative practices as well as actions from around the world involving the issue of living together. The Observatory's central secretariat will be located in Montréal for the next five years.


Mayors' International Observatory on Living Together
The mayors have also agreed to continue discussions undertaken in Montreal as well as share strategic ideas and information by decreeing the Mayors' International Living Together Summit. This summit will be held every two years in member or associate cities. The mayors agreed that the next summit will be held in 2017 in the city of Casablanca. 


“With this first Living Together Summit and the signing of the Montreal Declaration, our city has entered a new era in terms of international relations and leadership on the issue of living together. During discussions, the mayors have clearly expressed their willingness to work together to promote citizen reception and inclusion to combat discrimination” said the Mayor of Montréal Denis Coderre.