Le Monde recognises leading cities through Smart Cities Innovation Awards 2017


Technology and innovation play an important role in addressing the most challenging situations in our cities today. From urban crime, water supply, contamination to complex transportation problems, the role of local innovation and technology is fundamental in solving the current urban problems. With rise of urban population, social and environmental degradation, cities need paradigm shift in addressing their day to day needs and planning for future needs. The Urban Environment and Resilience are the most pressing challenges for the entire world. These challenges cannot be addressed or resolved in isolation due to their physical complexities, economic dependencies and increasing connectivity around the world.

Responsible but free media is recognised as an important pillar of democracy and plays an important role in recent urbanisation, most importantly in domains of social equity, economic transformations and environments. Role of media has been identified as one of the most important platforms for public awareness and brining global solutions to local governments and communities. 

There has been an enormous work done by global media and publishing outlets all around the world in propagating the importance of smart cities, technological interventions and urban innovation. With over 56 percent of entire global population now living in cities and urban regions, the tools of smart city and innovation is a mandatory for future planning and management. The technological interventions and innovation, in fact, provide us a positive step towards sustainable environment, equity and access to basic urban services. In absence of such interventions and adoption of urban innovation at local government levels, the basic urban demands would be practically impossible to meet in current context. The French media and publishing house, Le Monde, has taken a corporate social responsibility (CSR) to put the Smart Cities Innovation at the forefront of their global agenda in addressing the challenges of cities, urban inhabitants and stakeholders including governments at all levels. La Monde emphasises on three main areas in promoting Smart Cities and Innovation at global level – environment, usefulness of technology for all levels of urban society and civic engagement. Le Monde, in conjunction with international partners like BNP Paribas and international jury, honours and recognises the leading cities with five categories of awards: 

  • The Grand Prix for Urban Innovation;
  • The Civic Engagement Award;
  • The Habitat Award;
  • The Mobility Award and 
  • The Energy Award. 

Metropolis supports the important role of media in addressing the global debate on urban challenges and environment, It importantly encourages media and global press in working with Metropolis in disseminating the knowledge and information about sustainability and responsible city leadership. Metropolis welcomes this global initiative of Smart Cities Innovation by Le Monde. Metropolis advisor Mr Sunil Dubey has been invited by Le Monde to participate and contribute during the Smart Cities Innovation Awards 2017 in Singapore on 2nd June 2017.   

Metropolis is proud to note that Metropolis Regional Secretary for Europe Ms Barbara Berninger and Mr Sunil Dubey are members of the board of Citiscope – a leading international media platform dedicated to sustainable cities and hold their global credibility towards independent journalism.      

For enquiries on Metropolis Asia Pacific, Smart Cities and Urban Innovation partnerships please contact Ms Agnes Bickart