How are the world major metropolises taking into consideration the ideas of their youngest populations?

With the motto “Empowering youth in building tomorrow’s cities”, METROPOLIS Youth wants to learn how our cities are working with their young population to plan and manage the urban life. Therefore, if you represent a METROPOLIS member city, please take some minutes to fill out our survey on youth participation in urban management. The results will be presented at Live the City, our next Annual Meeting, which takes place in Buenos Aires, on May 18th.



MetropolisYouth is the new-born offspring of Metropolis. Early last year, young representatives participated in the Metropolis Strategic Meeting in Barcelona, during which the engagement of youth was set as one of the priorities for METROPOLIS in the coming years. In June 2014, the Mashhad Municipality hosted the first METROPOLIS Youth Strategic Meeting, whose main conclusions were the definition of the vision, mission, objectives and action plan of Metropolis Youth. In October 2014, at the 11th METROPOLIS World Congress in Hyderabad, METROPOLIS Youth had an active participation, presenting the youth capabilities and showing to the city managers how the youth can play a leading role in their metropolises.

If you are young and live in a METROPOLIS member city, and think that you could contribute with your experience and ideas, you are more than welcome to join the METROPOLIS Youth Linkedin group, where our main discussions are carried out.

For further inquiries, please contact the METROPOLIS Youth Secretariat in Mashhad: