Habitat III Urban Dialogues

Habitat III
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METROPOLIS would like to cordially invite its members to participate in the Habitat III Urban Dialogues online discussion to share ideas, solutions, and knowledge from 6 to 31July 2015 The Urban Dialogues will host a series of e-discussions over the course towards Habitat III with the aim of integrating all voices and bringing forward new and emerging thinking in the elaboration of the New Urban Agenda.

The thematic consultation will run on the following six areas:


    social_cohesion.gif urban_frameworks.gif spatial_development_1.gif urban_economy.gif urban_ecology_environment.gif urban_housing_and_basic_services.gif

Social Cohesion & Equity

Urban Frameworks

Spatial Development

Urban Economy

Urban Ecology & Environment

Urban Housing & Basic Servic


The Urban Frameworks area covers the following thematic: Urban rules and legislation, urban governance and Municipal finance.

As an outcome of the Urban Dialogues, a report will be published on the UN-Habitat, distributed to all Member States and stakeholders and will constitute another piece of the background information for the Policy Units work.
We encourage our cities to join and participate at Habitat III Urban dialogues and on Twitter using the hashtags #H3Urbandialogues #Habitat and post your comments or background document on-line.
The more we engage key people with relevant discussions, the better the quality of the on-line discussion will be.  

We would be pleased if you would share your comments and feedback also with us. This would give us the chance to gather your opinions and to incorporate them into the consolidated statement from Metropolis that will be prepared in the framework of the Berlin-led activity PrepCity.

Share your ideas with Metropolis by contacting:

Ulrich Graute

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