Guangzhou cooperates with Quito for post-earthquake reconstruction


After a call to the members of Metropolis made by the Secretariat General and the Metropolitan District of Quito in May, the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government of Guangzhou has donated 500 thousand ¥ (around 75,000 US$) in aid to children, adolescents and their families who were affected by the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude that took place in Ecuador last 16 April.

The support from Guangzhou was materialized through the facilitation of the Secretariat General of Metropolis and the leadership of the Metropolitan District of Quito, which established a network of global solidarity for the reconstruction after the earthquake. The Municipality of Quito has signed an interinstitutional agreement with UNICEF Ecuador, so that this institution receives and channels the resources donated to the city. The funds will be used in projects of education, health and child care.

In his gratitude letter to Wen Guohui, Mayor of Guangzhou, Mauricio Rodas, Mayor of Quito, expressed that “through our joint membership in Metropolis we will receive these funds and you can be sure that they will be properly used for attending immediate needs of the children population of Manabi and Esmeraldas”, referring to two provinces in the coast of Ecuador that were mostly affected by the earthquakes.

Metropolis, while association that brings together metropolitan areas to improve the quality of life of its citizens, also prioritizes the solidarity and cooperation among its members, as on this occasion.

If your Metropolitan Government also wishes to contribute to the reconstruction post-earthquake in Ecuador, please contact the Metropolis Secretariat General.