Great turnout of Metropolis members for debate on Shared international strategies

Área Metropolitana de Barcelona

On 8 July, representatives of the 8 members of Metropolis, plus 7 other metropolitan regions from around the world, debated internationalisation strategies implemented by large metropolises in the face of the current global dynamic and national contexts.

This debate was held as part of the “Metropolitan areas international strategies” conference organised by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, the Euro-latin American alliance of cooperation between cities AL-LAS and the Barcelona Institute of International Studies in collaboration with the European Union and the Government of Mexico City.

Metropolis Executive Director Octavi de la Varga was also at the conference, moderating the debate that also further laid the groundwork for Habitat III. During the debate, participants exchanged experiences in establishing priority focal points for linking their cities with the outside world and the steps they are taking to put them in motion; as well as strategies to integrate various stakeholders in setting the city's international agenda and accountability.