Discover the 15 cities that take the lead in URBAN Innovation

In November last year, UCLG and METROPOLIS along with the city of Guangzhou co-sponsored the 2nd Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation. This second cycle attracted 259 entries from 177 cities worldwide. Of these entries, 15 were elected by an independent Technical Committee as outstanding initiatives. All fifteen local authorities were invited to a present their initiatives during an international conference on learning from urban innovation after which an international jury selected the five award-winners. As disclosed in our previous communication, our Community together with the Guangzhou Award Secretariat and Guangzhou Institute for Urban Innovation are planning to conduct a series of study tours to the fifteen short-listed cities and local authorities. The study tours will include scholars, local & regional officials as well as media from around the world. These15 cities will be our target destinations for the months to come starting in April 2015. The purpose of these tours is to compile more in depth case studies and documentation and to promote peer learning within the UCLG/METROPOLIS network. The Community cordially invites you to join us in this endeavor.

Check the Plan for 2015 here

Why you should be part of this project:
               1. To gain FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE on the best practices selected by the GZ Award
               2. To CONNECT with Community members and expand your learning and knowledge sharing networks
               3. To benefit from EXPERT ADVICE on urban management for your city or organization
               4. To better understand and apply urban innovation to problem solving
               5. To interact with and enjoy new experiences with experts and your peers from different cultures!
The proposed study tours plan for 2015 can be found on the next page. Your ideas and suggestions to improve  this project are very welcome. Should you have any quires, please feel free to contact UCLG Community on Urban Innovation Secretariat in Guangzhou at
Acting as an integrated learning platform, UCLG Community on Urban Innovation is dedicated to decentralized cooperation and peer learning. We would like to thank you for your constant support. Also, it is never too late to join our Community and interact with our members.