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Dakar to host World Metropolitan Day 2024!

Dakar will be the host city of World Metropolitan Day 2024, exploring the critical role cities and younger generations play in achieving a just transition that leaves no one behind. On 14 October 2024, Dakar will host the Global Observance of World Metropolitan Day, in collaboration with Metropolis and UN-Habitat.


What is this year's theme? 

The theme of World Metropolitan Day 2024 is "Leading the Just Transition," underscoring the crucial role metropolises play in addressing the climate crisis and advocating for transformative action.

Halfway to 2030, the global community is far from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Metropolises, while being significant emitters, also bear the brunt of climate change's impact. Though these hubs of innovation champion ambitious green initiatives, mitigating their environmental footprint requires acknowledging the unequal effects of shifting towards lowc-arbon development for communities and individuals.

City governments have the potential to steer metropolises towards a future where economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social well-being are mutually reinforcing. This vision, embodied in the concept of a just transition, strives for carbon neutrality and inclusive prosperity while ensuring no one is left behind.

In Dakar, the World Metropolitan Day event will hold discussions on how to finance a just transition, as well as how to put youth at the centre—bringing together youth leaders to share their innovative ideas for creating a sustainable and inclusive future. 


How can my city get involved? 

World Metropolitan Day welcomes everyone passionate about territorial development and creating a better future for cities. Whether you're a local leader, part of an international organization, or simply a person that cares about their city, your participation is valued.


Head to the World Metropolitan Day website to find out more and submit your event or campaign!