“Comparative Study on Metropolitan Governance” deepens knowledge on metropolitan governance and finance through visits to Rosario and Buenos Aires

Involvement of different stakeholders, guidelines for land use planning, strategic location of infrastructure projects, and the need for institutionalization of public-private arrangements. These are some of the elements that the team who coordinates the Metropolis Initiative “Comparative Study on Metropolitan Governance” identified as part of the main lessons taken from the experience of Rosario and Buenos Aires, cities which they visited in past December.

Maria Lucia Camargo, Economic Studies Coordinator, and Raphael Camargo, International Affairs Advisor, both representatives of the State of São Paulo, were welcomed by technicians from the Metropolitan Unit of Rosario Municipality – institution responsible for coordinating the metropolitan area of Rosario – and members from the Planning Secretariat of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. They prepared a report with the main conclusions of their visits, which can be downloaded by clicking at this link.

The next activities of this Metropolis Initiative led by the State of São Paulo will be visits to the cities of Belo Horizonte, to explore the solid waste public-private partnership developed for the metropolitan region, and to Rio de Janeiro, to learn more in depth about current operations of urban renewal in the city’s harbor area.