Cités Unies France (United Cities of France) creates a solidarity fund to help the local authorities of Nepal

In Nepal, the death toll continues to rise since an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck

the country on Saturday, April 25. On Thursday, April 30, the death toll reached 5946

and another 10400 people were being treated, according to the Nepal police.  The

level of destruction is unprecedented in the capital, Katmandu, but also in more

remote rural areas.

 The breadth and severity of the ongoing crisis is such that Cites Unies France has

decided, after the request of several French local authorities, to open a solidarity fund

to support rehabilitation and reconstruction periods in the affected cities and villages.

This initiative will be set up in close collaboration with one or several affected local

authorities in Nepal, but also with the secretariat of the world organization of the local

authorities (United Cities and Local Governments - UCLG).

Within the next few weeks, we will meet with our local partners such as the Municipal

Association of (MuAN) and the Local Councils Association of the Punjab (LCAP).

This initiative aims at organizing a collaborative and concerted response of the local

authorities in the international level.