Barcelona’s Experience in Resilience: setting the stage for building resilient cities


Barcelona is one of the major cities in Europe with a strong commitment to building urban resilience. In 2009, and as a response to different hazard related episodes suffered in the past, Barcelona launched an integrative disaster risk management and failure prevention focused program, based on stakeholder engagement and cross departmental working groups.

This working methodology contributed to the recognition of Barcelona as a role model city for infrastructures and Services supply in 2013 by UNISDIR’s “Making Cities Resilient Campaign”. By the same token, the city was selected as one of the first 10 partner’s cities taking part in UN Habitat’s City Resilience Profiling Programme (CRPP) and to host its headquarters. Only recently, the Rockefeller Foundation selected Barcelona as one of the 100 Resilient Cities network, a position awarded to those cities who have demonstrated a commitment in building their own capacities to navigate the shocks and stresses of an increasingly complex urban environment

A group of 13 companies and high-level research centers based in Barcelona and with a high level of engagement in the building resilience process have set up a public private alliance with Barcelona City Council and UN-Habitat’s City Resilience Profiling Programme. One of its aims is to boost the city’s resilience strategy.

In this context and with the aim of sharing Barcelona’s Resilience model from a multiple stakeholder perspective, the BCN Urban Resilience Partnership organized “Barcelona’s Experience in Resilience”, a two days event in Barcelona on the 24 and 25 February 2015 in Barcelona. METROPOLIS was kindly invited by the organization to participate to the event to learn how Barcelona builds urban resilience.

Barcelona’s Experience in Resiliencebrought together over 170 participants from local governments, research centres, international institutions and the private sector, coming from 30 cities.

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