35 years of metropolitan thinking

At a time when the world is predominantly urban, and the metropolises encounter challenges on how to address increasing inequalities and a myriad of emergencies that challenge their ability to adapt and transform, in Metropolis we are celebrating our 35th anniversary since its establishment in Montréal back in 1985 by 14 major cities.




Inheritor of the International Municipal Movement which counts more than a century, Metropolis gathers nearly 140 members. Building capacities to better deliver public policies and services and raising the voices of world’s paramount urban leaders to the highest levels of governments and the global agenda, nowadays, Metropolis contributes to finding answers to the challenges of metropolisation


In a context where metropolises, motors of innovation and evolution, are more vulnerable to external factors and have to deal with more complex issues which affect an increasingly large territory, Metropolis is still a key actor at the global arena. As the elected and technical representatives from our members, partners and collaborators, and the team of the Metropolis Secretariat General affirm, in fact, the present and future realities have a strong metropolitan character. Therefore, the aim of our organization, with all its members and partners, is to address the big challenges arising from the process of metropolisation through a joint effort.


Our 35th anniversary is not a mere remembrance of the past. It is about celebrating all the moments that make our organisation a vibrant and innovative global network, ready to face the challenges of the future.  

All the milestones that defined the organization as it is today are now collected in the timeline of our story. After a participative process that involved several of our members and partners, highlighting the crucial moments of the association, we are thrilled to present our story here.