Metropolis member fee structure

At Metropolis, we are committed to providing our members with a transparent, fair, and proportional fee structure. To achieve these goals, we have established a three-tiered system1 for determining membership fees:


  1. World Bank’s National Income Level: The fee structure is based on the national GDP per capita according to the World Bank. Members are categorized into four different income levels.

  2. Capital Status: We distinguish between state capitals and non-capitals among our members to account for the particular positions of state capitals.

  3. Joint/Exclusive Membership: We offer both a membership exclusively with us and a joint membership option with UCLG and UCLG’s regional sections, such as UCLG ASPAC or FLACMA. This allows members to be part of other networks with only one membership fee.


This fee structure also included an indexation every three years, to update the category of each member in line with the World Bank's annual GDP reports and align the membership fees with the increase in the cost of living. Below you will find the specific amounts that correspond in accordance to the three variables for the 2023-2025 period:


World Bank National Income Level

Joint Membership

Metropolis Exclusive Membership

Standard fee

State Capital

Standard fee

State Capital

Low Income


2.090 €


2.340 €


1.390 €


1.540 €


Lower middle income


3.320 €


5.530 €


2.210 €


3.670 €


Upper middle income


8.840 €


11.040 €


5.870 €


7.330 €


High income


16.560 €


19.870 €


11.010 €


13.190 €



1 Note: In addition to the above structure, a discount is applied to the membership fees of cities and metropolises that share the same territory.