Gender mainstreaming

Metropolis advocates engaged metropolitan governance that attends to social life in all its complexity, seeking to enhance the quality of life of all citizens living in metropolitan spaces. To do so, it is crucial to incorporate a gender perspective in the structure of the organisation, while drafting every public policy, and while managing the services offered in our metropolises.

It is part of Metropolis' mission to provide more visibility on the involvement and commitment of our membership as they work towards ensuring that women and girls have the right to the city, by drawing up policies, strategies and instruments that promote gender equality. 

In line with sustainable development goals 5 and 11 on the 2030 Agenda, we focus on two working areas:

Sustainable mobility

Promoting metropolitan mobility policies to foster a sustainable, inclusive and safe transport system. Policies that address women's needs and experiences, democratising access to goods and services.


Safety and public space

Promoting the right to the city by encouraging metropolitan policies to ensure safe and inclusive public space, in particular for women.

The strategic aims are:

  • Mainstream the gender perspective across the association
  • Identify and share policies and experiences among the metropolises, generating a common base of gender knowledge
  • Position Metropolis as a global benchmark in urban gender policies

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