Advancing Gender Equality

Metropolis champions the integration of gender equality in urban and metropolitan policies and advocates for the inclusion of gender equality in global agendas. Covering a wide range of topics related to gender equality; from governance and leadership to public space and mobility, Metropolis is an organisation committed to equality between women and men.

Metropolis strives to build thriving, equitable metropolises where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Through its initiatives and projects, Metropolis aims to reduce poverty and inequality, support care and caregiving, and create a more equitable distribution of economic opportunity. Metropolis also prioritises gender equality and aims to mainstream gender perspectives across public policies. It promotes women's leadership in metropolitan governance and develops tools to measure gender equality.

Metropolis' work on gender equality focuses on four key areas:

City projects

Metropolis connects cities around the world to share best practices and learn from each other on how to advance gender equality.

Learning programmes

Metropolis puts in place exchange, training, networking and mentoring initiatives designed to empower women municipal managers and promote their advancement in highly masculinised areas of government.

Public advocacy

Metropolis uses its platform and voice to raise awareness of gender inequality and advocate for policies that promote gender equality.

Research and good practices

Metropolis develops research and publications on gender equality in large cities.

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