Workshop / How can digitalisation foster citizen participation in LRGs?

Digital strategies for citizen engagement 
Kickoff question: How can digitalisation foster citizen participation in LRGs?
Keynote Speaker: Dinorah Cantú, TheGovLab

By invitation only

This series of workshops hosted by the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights (CC4DR) and Metropolis  with the support of Barcelona City Council, aims at tackling the key questions that cities and metropolises face when it comes to fostering data-driven decision-making. The workshops are designed to inspire insightful discussions among the participants, and it will do so by engaging top-notch experts in each of the fields and facilitating discussion between CC4DR and Metropolis’ members that take part in it. 

Each workshop (1h) will have 10 participants, using the “first come, first served” criteria among members of Metropolis and the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights. To join, please fill in this form.

  • Opening by a global expert/thinker (10 min)

  • The workshops will be moderated by Metropolis and the CC4DR, who will launch 3 questions to start the conversation. No specific presentation of each city is planned, but active participation will be required.

The workshops is wrapped up in an executive summary with policy recommendations and actionable insights. You can find it here