Webinar "A multidimensional approach to urban inequalities: thoughts and aspirations"

This webinar is part of the "Neighbourhoods, inequality and youth: putting multidimensional inequalities on the local political agenda in countries in transition" project, implemented through a partnership between Oxfam (Brazil, Mexico, Spain), the European Union, Barcelona City Council, the World Association of the Major Metropolises (Metropolis) and the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), the aim of which is to identify public policies for reducing inequalities in urban settings from a multidimensional, interdisciplinary and intersectional perspective.

This event aims to share and disseminate promising experiences in measuring and analysing inequalities in urban settings, especially in large cities and metropolitan areas such as Mexico City, Brasilia, São Paulo and Barcelona. It also seeks to promote the use of these methodologies and share lessons learned from these experiences from the perspective of both civil society organisations (Oxfam Mexico, Rede Nossa São Paulo and Movimento Nossa Brasilia) and municipalities (Barcelona City Council).


Venue: ZOOM platform, prior registration required through: 

Language: Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation into English and Portuguese. 

This webinar is open to all and access is free of charge.


  • Welcome: Silvia Llorente, Program Manager for Gender Mainstreaming & Focal Point for Europe, Metropolis

  • Introduction and presentation of participants: Ginna Morelo, journalist and writer

  • Presentation of experiences in measuring and analysing urban inequalities

- Representative of Rede Nossa São Paulo

- Representative of Movimento Nossa Brasilia

- Diego Vázquez, Director of Research, Oxfam México

- Josep María Pasqual, Director of Urban Quality Strategies, Technical Secretary of the "Citizen Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona", Barcelona City Council

- Frederic Romea Moya, Consultant - Researcher, Barcelona City Council 

- Eva Garcia, Senior Research, Global Cities Programme, CIDOB

  • Open debate with participants

  • Conclusions and closing remarks: Andrea Costafreda, Middle Income Countries Programme Lead, Oxfam Intermón



Hélène Jourdan, Project Leader for Learning & Training, Metropolis (

Ana M Claver, Project Manager on Inequalities, Oxfam Intermón (


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