Water Management



The Office of Seoul Waterworks managed by Seoul Metropolitan Government which is in charge of the entire process of treating and supplying tap water for the city of Seoul. What matters most in securing clean and safe tap water is the management of water sources.
Since Seoul has four distinct seasons, precipitation gap between the different seasons leads to significant differences in the quality of water sources. Furthermore, the Han River is subject to numerous sources of pollution from Seoul to the metropolitan region. To tackle these issues, the city strictly manages the water quality from the water sources by applying scientific pollution control and measurement methods.

The purpose of this program is:

  • To construct sustainable cooperative relations in the field of Waterworks by sharing information, knowledge and technologies in water supply and sewage treatment
  • To provide an opportunity of benchmarking Seoul's successful waterworks model by operating professional and systematic training programs including theoretical lectures consisted with experts in waterworks and field trips to relevant institutes and places