Urban Innovation in the Implementation of the Global Agendas

Local Action
Listen to Cities Room

The majority of the goals and targets of the global agendas, SDGs and the New Urban Agenda, require active involvement of and implementation of local authorities in order to be implemented. The Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation (Guangzhou Award) is an open knowledge platform, co-sponsored by the City of Guangzhou, UCLG and Metropolis. Its purpose is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience between cities and territories in urban innovation. Since the adoption of the SDGs and the NUA, the Guangzhou Award is fully dedicated to showcasing local actions in the implementation of the Global Agenda and to serve as a qualitative reporting and monitoring tool. A diverse panel consisting of representatives from local government, academia, international organization and professionals will engage each other and the audience in a dialogue on how urban innovation is leading to the implementation of the global agendas.


  • Guangzhou Institute for Urban Innovation
  • Metropolis
  • UCLG