UN Biodiversity Conference (Part Two)

The UN Biodiversity Conference, which was expected to take place in 2020 in China, has now been split into two parts. In October 2021, the first part helped to set the stage for the next meeting in the Spring of 2022, with the adoption of the Kunming Declaration, which calls on countries to negotiate and agree on a global biodiversity framework, and the establishment of the Kunming Biodiversity Fund.

The second part, which is expected to resume with in-person sessions, will mark a major moment for global biodiversity with the adoption of the framework that will redefine our relationship with the natural environment. It will include 21 targets and 10 ‘milestones’ to be achieved by 2030, with net improvements by 2050 - including the conservation and protection of at least 30 percent of the planet’s lands and ocean. (source link)


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