TRAINING Seminar on Urban Transportation


In 2004, Seoul Metropolitan Government made significant reforms in its transport policies such as reorganization of public bus services, introduction of exclusive median bus lanes, shift from private to quasi-public bus operation and implementation of an integrated transit-fare card (dubbed T-money) system. The positive results of reforms include a sharp increase in bus ridership, improvements in the speed of buses and other vehicles due to the implementation of exclusive median bus lanes, lower cost burden for transportation services, better air quality, and greater aesthetic value of the city. Through continuous improvements, Seoul now boasts a public transportation system that is environmentally friendly and well-suited to serve the needs of the citizens. The purpose of this program is:

  • To provide an opportunity of benchmarking Seoul's successful urban transportation model by operating professional and systematic training programs including theoretical lectures consisted with experts in transportation and field trips to relevant institutes and places
  • To ensure strong cooperative relations between Seoul and participants’ cities in the field of an urban transportation policy by sharing and transferring knowledge, technology and information.

Metropolis topics