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Sustainable Water Management 2018


The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) organizes this training program to share the concept of “Water Circulation City”, which aims at an eco-friendly management of water resources in the city as well as focuses on development of resilient and sustainable urban water infrastructure such as installation of permeable sidewalk pavement, LED oriented rainwater management facilities.

Since Seoul has four distinct seasons, precipitation gap between the different seasons leads to significant differences in the quality of water sources. Furthermore, the Han River is subject to numerous sources of pollution from Seoul to the metropolitan region. To tackle these issues, the city strictly manages the water quality from the water sources by applying scientific pollution control and measurement methods.


Seoul Human Resources Development Center

• To construct sustainable cooperative relations in the field of waterworks by sharing information, knowledge and technologies in water supply and sewage treatment
• To provide an opportunity of sharing Seoul's successful waterworks model through systematic training programs including theoretical lectures and field trips to relevant institutes and places

• Lecture
-Outline of Seoul Water Management
- Introduction of Integrated Water Resources Management - Drinking Water Quality Management , Sewage Treatment System, etc. • Field Trip
-Arisu Water Purification Center, Office of Seoul Waterworks
- Sewage Treatment Center, Seoul Water Research Institute - City Hall, Seoul Han River Project Headquarters, etc.

Participants Qualification:
• Managerial-level public officials in a related field
• Officials recommended by the head of a local government
• Officials with a good command of English
• Officials who have never participated in training programs organized by both SMG and SMG affiliated organizations