Sustainable urban mobility offline course

In 2023, the Seoul Human Resources Development Centre (SHRDC), as the Seoul MITI, will offer two open-enrolment in-person training programmes to those who have completed the prerequisite SHRDC online training programmes. Digitalisation and online training have become common, however offline training programmes are still preferred over online ones, as offline training allows for more empirical training experiences, such as field trips and face-to-face discussions. Therefore, the training programme is designed to ensure an organised linkage between online and offline training modalities, making self-paced online training a prerequisite for participation in offline training. 

From 20th to 25th November, MITI Seoul organises an offline training programme about Sustainable urban mobility.

This training will share Seoul's best practices and policies for Sustainable Mobility and transportation. 

The training is targeted at the participants who have completed prerequisite relevant online training on Sustainable Mobility and transportation.  The training will focus on the in-depth lecture on online e-learning. Also, the training will share the participants' cities' best practices and policy cases while experiencing hands-on visits to various Seoul's Sustainable Mobility and transportation. 

For more information about this programme, please read the brochure here