Workshop - SMART technologies and the municipal budget - Nicosia Uraía

SMART technologies and the municipal budget

In 2016 the Uraía Platform will focus its work on the impact of SMART technologies in the municipal budget, and more specifically how, through technological innovation, municipalities can increase their revenue by improving local tax collection, while reducing expenditure thanks to energy efficiency policies. A capacity building workshop will be organized on 19 and 20th of April 2016 in Nicosia (Cyprus) in the framework of the CEMR Congress. The activity will result in the collaborative production of a set of guidelines, summing up the experiences and point of views of participants.

The objective of the workshop is to exchange experiences on initiatives that used SMART technologies to improve tax recovery and increase energy efficiency and how these experiences produce an impact on municipal budget and are transformed into better services to all citizens. The workshop will offer an opportunity for cities to discover available SMART solutions that can have a significant impact on the municipal budget and get inspired by their peers’ experiences.

The sessions of the workshop will discuss the impact on the municipal budget of the introduction of SMART technologies. More specifically, the exchanges will focus on how SMART technologies can:

  • Increase municipal revenue by improving tax collection (electronic payment, transparency, tackling informality, creating trust in the public sector...)
  • Generate savings through energy efficiency policies (energy production, municipal buildings, public lighting, household energy provision and consumption, etc.)

Deadline for registration: February 29th

For more information, download here the presentation note of the workshop or contact to:

Mariana Nascimento
Uraía Coordinator