Smart city Expo Curitiba

Connecting Cities, People and Technology


Created in partnership with Fira Barcelona, organiser of the leading Smart City Expo World Congress, Smart City Expo Curitiba brings together experts from all areas to share ideas and solutions on how to create a better and more sustainable future for cities and their citizens.

The world's population is expected to grow to 10 billion by 2050, and 70% of these people will live in cities. In 40 years we will have built more cities than in all of human history. The future of humanity is urban and digitalisation is an essential and inevitable revolution to ensure future-proof, people and environmentally-focused cities. Where technology and cities meet, there is the opportunity for a more sustainable and inclusive world. Smart City Expo is the place to unleash a powerful urban tomorrow around the world.


You will find more information about the programme and registrations here

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