Relocation practices and sustainability

Relocation practices and sustainability

The training workshop will discuss Case studies that discuss the common  practice in  previous removal and relocation approaches in different projects in many countries among them Egypt .

The workshop will present the findings of joint research project by HBRC and RWTH Aachen University which  inquired into the current living situation of the formerly relocated inhabitants of “Masakin Barageel” It studied  the physical and social transformations that the new living quarter has experienced during the last 15 years

The main objectives of the workshop are:

  • To gain a broader perspective of relocation and the  impact on the citizens and communities. How has life changed for the relocated groups and their families?
  • To develop their professional skills on sustainable of relocation  sites
  • To learn how to develop integrated urban planning alternatives for dealing with sites that face development projects with removal & relocation  component.
  • To help avoiding problems and potential spill over effect of relocation of communities


For further information please read the concept note and the program