Qinling Eco Forum 2017 Qinling Eco Forum 2017

Qinglin Eco Forum 2017

Xi'an, the capital city of northwest China's Shaanxi province, was once the start of the famous Silk Road which linked China with Central Asia and the Roman Empire. Now the city continues its role as it prepares for the Sixth Eco Forum-2017 on September 24-26, 2015, in a bid to promote exchanges between China, Russia and neighboring Central Asian nations.

The biennial Eco Forum-2017 was first launched in China in 2005 and has been held five times. Xi'an was named the permanent venue of the forum in 2007.

With the profound changes of world economy structure, Shanghai Cooperation Organization aims further promoting the in-depth regional economic collaboration. Meanwhile, after the close of 18th People Congress of CCPC, China is stepping into a new historic period.  Under such a crucial moment and 10 year operations, this year EAEF can be one of the most glory economic forums in the world by launching a hot wave to stimulate the concrete collaborations and sustainable development between European and Asian Countries so as to seek new solutions to mutual economic booming for every country within these two great continents and beyond. Through this grand economic event, we hope China will deliver the key messages and claims for translating economic collaboration policy and potentials of Shanghai Cooperation Organization into real outcome. On the other hand, Eco Forum-2017 advocates accelerating the formation of Euro-Asia inland regional opened economic structure ASAP for the future economic growth.

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