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Online Workshop on Marine Litter Management


With the aim to further participate in the global management of marine litter pollution, Metropolis and 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee will co-host a virtual workshop under the theme of “Marine Litter Management” in Fuzhou, China from August 25 to 27, 2021.

With the rapid social and economic development, a large amount of household and industrial garbage enters the marine environment forming marine debris, swallowing up seas and oceans on which human and other creatures depend. The marine debris can not only do serious harm to marine ecology and pose a threat to people’s livelihood, but also will restrict the sustainable development of marine economy. However, marine litter management is a worldwide tricky matter with problems such as high cost of management and insignificant effects. Nowadays, marine litter management has become a big realistic problem facing coastal cities and regions. It is urgent to establish a long-term mechanism for comprehensive marine litter management. In this context, countries around the world are actively enhancing cooperation in marine litter management to work out new ideas, measures and paths for marine litter management.

During the event, participants can learn about Fuzhou’s practices of marine litter management through lectures and share the experience and practices of their own cities in the field. The workshop will serve as a platform for mutual learning and exchanges among members to jointly promote pragmatic cooperation in relevant fields.

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Target participants will include members of Metropolis, UCLG Aspac and 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee, experts, scholars and enterprises in the field of marine litter management. The number of participants is aimed at 50. ( The number can be increased appropriately subject to the registration)


Languages, Date and Venue

The workshop will be held on the three afternoons from August 25 to 27, 2021 via Zoom in Chinese and English. Events include virtual lectures and free discussions.


Organizers: Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government Ningde Municipal People’s Government Xiamen University Minjiang University

Organizers Sponsors: 21st-Century Maritime Cooperation Committee, Metropolis - World Association of the Major Metropolises


Credits  City of Fuzhou