Online expert forum for future international training development strategy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SHRDC has faced challenges in operating the class-based training program for foreign municipal officials since early 2020, and has transitioned to "non-vis-à-vis" online training for foreign officials in 2021. Under such circumstances, the center has strived to continue sharing Seoul's best urban policies and practices through an online platform while venturing into new online training methods.

In 2021, SHRDC's international training, co-organized with Metropolis and UCLG, based on SHRDC's online learning platform or "MOOC" and online conferencing platform or "ZOOM" has been well received by many cities in need of training, and 130 participants from 40 cities in 17 countries have successfully completed 7 online training courses through October 2021.

Covid-19 presented both an opportunity and a crisis for international training at home. In this context, SHRDC will again hold a private online expert forum in 2021 in occasion of the annual SHRDC International Forum to seek and share ideas with Metropolis and UCLG for future international training development strategy through the presentation of our program participants and expert discussion.