Metropolitan indicators across the world: solutions to monitor metropolitan spaces and improve public services

As part of the programme of the international congress MetroSolutions, organised by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona from 17 to 18 October, this workshop will bring together representatives from metropolitan observatories to validate improvements and a new methodology to update and give continuity to our system metropolitan indicators launched in 2019.



  • Promote the benchmark of metropolitan territories in terms of governance and accomplishment of sustainable development goals
  • Strengthen the collaboration of metropolitan observatories from different parts of the world in the harmonisation of indicators at the metropolitan scale
  • Share the strengths and weaknesses of the system of 38 metropolitan indicators launched by Metropolis in 2019, and inaugurate a new phase of work with the closer collaboration of metropolitan observatories


Metropolitan solutions addressed

  • Contribute to sharper definitions of metropolises worldwide in terms of scope, governance, services provision, relationship with other levels of government and rural environment.
  • Promote the development and continuous update of gender-sensitive metropolitan indicators that are useful in the formulation and impact measurement of inclusive public policies.



In-person participatory exchange


Roll-out schema    

The workshop will be initiated with a brief presentation of the Metropolis system of indicators, including its strengths, weaknesses and main recommendations for its future maintenance. This introduction will be followed by a group dynamics which will allow the observatories to share their expertise, to identify similar metropolitan indicators that they are working on, and to propose solutions to their shared challenges through collaboration.



  • A public commitment to give continuity to the collaboration among metropolitan observatories from different parts of the world
  • A proposal to improve the Metropolis system of indicators, based on the dimensions of relevance, quality and sustainability



Representatives from metropolitan observatories (up to 20 participants). If you wish to join this activity, please follow the steps below:

  1. Register to the MetroSolutions international congress here
  2. To sign up for this specific workshop, please contact the workshop facilitators: Lia Brum & Silvia Llorente, Metropolis Research & Policy Officers. As slots are limited, preference for participation will be given to representatives of observatories with institutional links to the Metropolis membership, observing criteria of geographical diversity and gender parity