Metrópolis en Movimiento - primer encuentro del proyecto piloto

The main objective of this project led by the Municipality of Tijuana is to identify the key elements of a metropolitan mobility strategy that integrates the components of inclusion, accessibility and sustainability.


Complementary Objectives

  • Generate and transfer practical knowledge to the civil service and other relevant actors of the territory on how to build inclusive mobility policies, sustainable and with a metropolitan perspective.
  • Strengthen local capacities for sustainable mobility in metropolises. Metropolises urgently need an integral mobility model that encourages the use of articulated public transport systems, and facilitates the use of bicycles and public spaces as alternative means of transport.

Expected results
Local governments with improved knowledge of integral mobility policies and public officials and territorial actors with strengthened capacities for the elaboration and implementation of their Mobility Master Plan.
Guide and methodological tools on metropolitan mobility strategies

Agenda of the first meeting
09:00 - Welcome Coffee 

09:30 - Opening
- Juan Manuel Gastélum Buenrostro, Mayor of Tijuana
- Octavi de la Varga, Secretary General of Metropolis

09:50 Session 1 - Pilot project objectives and work plan 
Objective: to exchange with the different actors involved in the pilot project in order to define the roadmap, timetable, objectives and expected results.
- Daniel Rivera Basulto, Mobility Secretary, Tijuana 
- Guillaume Berret, Head of pilot projects at Metropolis
10:30 Session 2 - Sustainable mobility: where are we?
Objective: to present how the Mobility Plans of each of the cities have been integrated and the challenges they face.
- Alfredo León, Secretary of Mobility of Quito - Integral and articulated Mobility
- Mónica Alvarado, Secretary of Transport and Mobility of Rosario - Citizen participation and mobility
- Juan Camilo Gómez, Human Mobility Manager of Medellín - Medellín Safe Mobility Plan
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Technical visit to Rosarito Beaches