Metropolis Board of Directors Meeting 2019

As its main decision making body, the Metropolis Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for approving the association’s activities, budget, financial reports and year-end accounts. Complying with the Metropolis statutes, the current 28 BoD members are requested to attend this annual meeting to deliberate over the most relevant issues for the association in 2019.

In order to maximize resources and ensure higher political representation, this Metropolis BoD meeting will take place on the same date and at the same venue of the statutory meetings of fellow local government networks (UCLG, UCCI and Mercociudades). The city of Montevideo is the host of the statutory meetings, whose main venue of will be the Headquarters of Mercosur.

For travel arrangements and logistics, all participants invited by Metropolis must fill out the registration form (click here).