MegaCities ShortDocs Festival

By 2050, over 70% of the world population will be urban dwellers, dragging an increasing number of social, economic and environmental challenges. We believe that in tackling those issues, Megacitizens should be central in inspiring meaningful and concrete solutions to our decision makers.
Through the support in the production of shortdocs and their broadcasting - both online and during festivals - MEGACITIES SHORTDOCS gives a voice to the community of Megacitizens to help them shape the city of tomorrow. 

The festival engages with universities, companies and local institutions in an effort to support co-creation in the development of solutions for the future of our megacities. The MEGACITIES SHORTDOCS International Festival will be featured at Local Screenings around the world and close every year at the Grand Festival in Paris to be held on October 2017 (date to be confirmed)

 You have until July 31st to send your shortdoc and get a chance to be among the selection.