On-line Release of a Systemic Review on Guangzhou Award 2012-2018


Since its launching in 2012, the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation has gone through four selection cycles, accumulating a wealth of nearly 1,000 urban innovation best practices around the world. A systemic review on the last four editions of the Award was carried out by experts and the academia in 2020, culminating in this on-line release of the Review. The review aims to take stock of lessons learned from the Award over the four cycles that could be of benefit to cities and metro-regions around the world, and discern emerging trends, issues and challenges that were faced by cities and metro-regions in each cycle and their relevance to the global agendas. The review includes a quantitative analysis on the urban innovation initiatives accumulated over the past 4 cycles, as well as a qualitative analysis based on all the deserving cities and shortlisted cities of the past 4 cycles.

This review is made possible thanks to the City of Guangzhou, Guangzhou Institute for Urban Innovation

In partnership with: Metropolis and UCLG

Its core audience concerns city managers, mayors, decision makers, policy makers, city practitioners, scholars, experts, international organizations, etc.

Guangzhou Award