Learning from cities: Data-Driven Policy Making for Urban Resilience

The joint UNDP – Metropolis series Learning from cities highlights city and metropolitan solutions and insights on pressing issues, linked both to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to adapt to a world in constant change.

Local and metropolitan governments are realizing how important is to have scaled and evidence-based data to inform their decision-making to prevent risks and increase response. 

With the smart integration of urban data and management via the digital transformation and the advancement of sensory technology, such data-driven policy making can be a key pillar of adaptive resilience of cities. As an example: refined local climate and disaster risk data can help understanding vulnerabilities and inform land use development patterns and zoning. 


This second Learning from cities explores how local governments are using data to make better decisions and build urban resilience. The event will focus on:

  1. Understanding better how data-driven policies help creating resilience to urban crises and shocks.  

  2. Sharing experiences in integrating data-driven policy making into cities’ urban resilience roadmaps.

  3. Elaborating recommendations and lessons learnt based on local experience.

Key questions for discussion

  • How can open data platforms help municipalities and metropolitan governments to advance building urban resilience?

  • How can future projections of disasters and climate risks be taken into consideration in urban planning and local policy?

  • How can vulnerable populations and the urban poor be engaged in informing policy-making in ways that are equitable and inclusive? 

  • What kind of partnerships with private/public entities (technology, mobile providers, etc.) can be established?

  • How can cities and metropolitan governments use digitalization and data to support community engagement and ensure the implementation of inclusive urban resiliency policies?

  • How using big data sets has been helpful for cities to track resilience trends and make evidence-based policy decisions?


Registration & concept note

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