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Istanbul Water Expo

Smart Water Solutions For a Sustainable Living

IWE Istanbul Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Exhibiton is the first and the only B2B event in Turkey focused solely on water and wastewater industry.
IWE Istanbul Water Expo will bring together a comprehensive range of the latest technologies and developments in sustainable utilization of water resources, water saving, wastewater treatment and recycling on the same platform.
Increasing population, global warming, groundwater depletion, urbanization, industrialization, requirement for new infrastructure and inadequate resource management urges the need for Sustainable Water System, globally.
The domestic and industrial water need to be used more efficiently, due to the rapid reduction in renewable water resources. Meanwhile, treatment of wastewater for re-use requires better infrastructure and engaging new technologies.
In 2014, Turkey was ranked the 24th most attractive foreign direct investment destination and is projected to be the 9th largest economy in the world by 2050. Turkey is one of the largest markets of the world for water and wastewater solutions according to EU reports. An estimated 33.9 bn Euro will be invested until 2023 for the new and rehabilitation projects.