International Migration Management Summit

The International Migration Management Summit is organized by the UCLG - MEWA (United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia section) and WALD ( World Academy for Local Government and Democracy), which operate with the notion that democratic local governments are fundamental institutions to ensure that democracy and human rights take hold.

The refugee mobility that is happening especially in the MEWA region has creates a migration crisis throughout the world. Indeed, this has emerged as an important issue to be tackled by both central and local governments, as local solutions have become crucial for global problems. In this regard, the Workshop on Increasing the Coordination at the Local Leven in Migration Management" will be held on 7 Novembre 2016, and UCLG - MEWA & WALD International Migration Management Summit will be held on 8 November 2016, in conjunction with UCLG - MEWA Executive Bureau and Council Joint Meeting

It is stipulated that there will be sessions, trainings, and workshops during the Summit to provide for coordination at the local level in the MEWA region in terms of migration and miogration management, and to form an international cooperation, fr setting and implementing the New Urban Agenda after the HBAITAT III process,
(source: UCLG - MEWA)

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