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“INTA40: Living, Building, Financing the City Post-Habitat III” marks the 40th anniversary of INTA, the International Urban Development Association. The Congress will be a key space for sharing knowledge and experiences at an international level on the numerous current and future issues and mutations cities are to face, and how to manage and finance consequent urban transformations and development.

Taking place only a few weeks after the UN World Conferences “Habitat III” and “COP22”, both influential in the formation of a New Urban Agenda, the INTA40 Congress is thus a wonderful occasion to discuss the implementation of this New Urban Agenda.

INTA40 will gather elected officials, public agents, public and private enterprises, promoters, constructors, engineers, urbanists, investors, financial advisors, architects, and academics from across the world to review together innovative strategies and solutions for living, building, and financing the cities of today and tomorrow.

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